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Some non-AA black folks be dissing African Americans while using AAVE, listening to our music, and trying to dress like us.

We so cultureless but yet that’s the only culture you like to emulate.

They don’t hear you tho.

I know. I’m just an “akata”. But wait it’s not derogatory though….they just conveniently use it that way. *eyeroll*

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This is rape culture

Why are guys so scared of murder? Y’all should feel pride that I risked my life in jail just to fUCKING KILL YOU YOU FUKCING DOUCHEBAGS

"But not all men are like thaaaattttt!!! I’d never dooo thaaatttt!!! You’re so mad over nothing, just calm downnnn!!1!!!!!1111!!!!!"

i just threw up all over the world

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The most fucked up thing about racism is this. When you talk about it with white people, they always make the discussion about their feelings. About how they personally aren’t racist. All of these atrocities are happening to my people and the first thing you think about is YOU? And you expect me to believe you aren’t racist?
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